A word with the choreographers

Tamsin Fitzgerald, choreographer of The Rock

What is The Rock inspired by?
The Rock is inspired by moments from my childhood. Experiences, friendships, stories, TV programmes and books. It looks at the journeys we make as children…in its essence it is a classic coming of age story.

What was it like developing the story?
The process started with me researching the common links between children’s stories whether told to us, watched or read. We then began to explore these ideas with the dancers through movement, giving them life and form. From that, important discussions took place with the production team as to how we could magically illustrate these ideas, how we could transform the space and create this mysterious world where things occurred on stage.

What are your expectations for the audience?
I want the audience to be able to use their imagination and explore the world they enter, to become part of the action so that they go on the journey with the characters.

Christopher Marney, choreographer of The Suitcase Story

What is The Suitcase Story about?
The Suitcase Story is a new tale told through theatrical dance about a little girl, who, like us all in some way, is constantly in transit. Confused and lost amongst bickering parents she finds comfort in a dream world in which she conjures an unusual looking imaginary friend who travels alongside her inside a giant, magical suitcase. Collaborating with designer Fiona-Marie Chivers the characters are clearly defined
and presented as real people set against a larger than life and animated musical backdrop by Danny Elfman.

What are your hopes and audience expectations for The Suitcase Story?
The piece will deal with serious issues that may currently be affecting many young people in the audience, in a sensitive and positive way using emotion and humour through narrative dance. Connecting with young people is the key aim of the piece and The Suitcase Story, providing equal entertainment for adults too, is a great introduction to storytelling though dance.

Spring & Summer 2014 tour dates announced

To kick off 2014 we are thrilled to announce full details of our forthcoming spring & summer tour with Aracaladanza’s Constellations.

Aracaladanza is a multi-award winning company from Madrid which owes its existence to the Argentinian choreographer Enrique Cabrera. Enrique’s eclectic background gained at some of the most prestigious institutions in Buenos Aires, his unique creative vision, passion for dance and interest in creating work for younger audiences, led him to founding Aracaladanza in 1995. Since then the company has been delighting audiences around Europe and beyond with shows created especially for children and adults alike.

Constellations is inspired by Spanish painter Joan Miro, an artist who created distinctive, dreamlike worlds using vivid colour, shapes and movement that mirror the imagination of a child. Constellations will bring Miro’s work to life as dancers transform a blank canvas into luminous Miro-esque worlds through skilful dance, animation, costume, puppetry and colour.

Constellations will open in Bristol on 24 May as part of Mayfest at the Bristol Old Vic and go on to tour throughout the UK finishing at the Jerwood DanceHouse Ipswich, home of DanceEast at the end of June. Other dates include Buxton, Leicester, Nottingham, Huddersfield, Newcastle, London, Bournemouth, Tewkesbury, Peterborough and Canterbury.


To view the full details of the show and tour date visit the Constellations page here.